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About John

“There are only two types of people in the world: Italians and those who want to be Italian.” I was born one of the lucky ones.

My grandparents were from the towns of Mozzano and Aquasanta (paternal) in the Marches region of Italy. They were poor, hardworking farmers who migrated to this country early in the 20th century seeking a better life. They settled in coal mining towns in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. Although we were impoverished, my parents imbued me with the ambition to succeed in America by taking advantage of the education they were unable to complete. After medical school, I settled in north San Diego county (Fallbrook) in 1970 and built a family run commercial winery in Temecula. I planted olive trees and eventually created a unique a blend of olive oil reminiscent of that from central Italy.

My mother was an extraordinary cook who used family recipes, many were centuries old. From an early age I developed a passion for winemaking, canning, cooking and a fervent desire to continue our family heritage.

My wife, Jeanell, and I are offering you the opportunity to embrace our passion for the Italian food experience. We will do this by sharing our olive oil, the pasta imported from Marche, our estate bottled, barrel aged wine vinegar and the traditional family recipes. We will feature an authentic recipe each month and welcome your questions.

Buon Appetito

John Piconi

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